Saturday, 10 March 2012

Critter Rollers Gold goes Gold!

The little children at Rampant Mango Collective are pleased to announce the launch of 'Critter Rollers Gold'.

Every level, every world, every Critter! Plus more exciting levels to come! **Introductory SALE, buy now** Critter Rollers GOLD contains all the content of Critter Rollers VIP but in one easy to purchase and download package. Brilliant value!

Go grab a slice:

"One brilliantly engaging Android title" -
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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Check out the latest trailer for Critter Rollers - available now on Android Market

"One brilliantly engaging Android title" -
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Download Critter Rollers for FREE from:

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Critter Rollers - Incredible new Android platformer coming Summer 2011

The team at Rampant Mango are shaking with excitement at the impending release of their newest Android game project - Critter Rollers.

Featuring revolutionary 'one tap' gameplay in this platformer/cannon based terrain navigation system, Critter Rollers provides all the insanity you'd expect from 'Team Mango'.

Hey - check out the teaser website at, and why not join us on Facebook for regular updates?

Sunday, 3 October 2010

BREAKING NEWS: The Towers of Cedrick now available on Android.

The Rampant Mango Collective are delighted to announce the long awaited release of 'Towers of Cedrick" for the Android platform, and looks set to be the best game available on the Android.

Can you reach the sixth tower and save the Universe? Six increasingly difficult towers to solve under the watchful gaze of anthropomorphosized fruit and vegetables. The classic game of The Towers of Hanoi with the extra twist of Six anthropomorphosized deity's and an ending that, well, you'll have to see! The Towers of Cedrick is available for FREE for your Android phone, so grab a slice at:

Cedrick in the News Part 2

Police have admitted having technical issues after releasing an e-fit of a burglary suspect which looks like a man wearing a lettuce.

Cedrick in the News Part One

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Towers of Cedrick now launched!!!!

The Rampant Mango Collection are excitedly leaping from side to side at the news that The Towers of Cedrick has now launched on the Xbox360 community games channel:

You may prevent the collective from sustaining substantial knee injuries by purchasing the above title at your leisure.